Export docx to pdf with hyperlinks

Export docx to pdf with hyperlinks
Convert Visio to PDF and Keep Hyperlinks, Layers; Dual Method to export Visio Files via application. The best thing about this utility is its option for interoperability using dual methods. User can either convert single Visio files to PDF format using Add Files option or user can perform conversion of multiple VISIO files in batch by choose Add Folders option. Perfect solution for all
I have a DOCX file that I’m trying to export from Word to PDF, but any way I try this, the hyperlinks stop working. Both the native PDF “Save As..”
11/06/2012 · In an earlier version of OS X I used the virtual printer installed with Acrobat Pro (8) from Word to create PDFs. That worked fine, and hyperlinks in my Word docs became hyperlinks …
21/06/2015 · In Windows Acrobat’s PDFMaker migrates Office hyperlinks to PDF Link annotations. Choose Export document as either .doc or .docx (can do either). Close Pages. reopen the Document in Word. Immediately Save As… PDF. Or go to Print menu choose PDF the choose Adobe PDF and go through the windows to create PDF. The PDF will have live hyperlinks We really shouldn’t be …
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I have a document created in MS Word in docx format. This document has several links embedded in it. I need to convert this document to a pdf and still have all of the embedded links clickable.
Convert Internet links – If checked this will convert all hyperlinks pointing to Internet addresses in the resulting PDF document. Convert links in Header and Footer – As with Footnote/Endnote links, you can choose if you want links in header/footer converted in the resulting PDF file.
15/12/2017 · I have been unsuccessful with exporting the hyperlinks to a PDF. Also, in the MS Word file, I defined the hyperlinks in teal color. But when I view the PDF, the hyperlinks are not active, they are in the default blue and underlined.
15/04/2018 · Hello to all, first time poster here. 🙂 I couldn’t find a satisfactory answer on the board as almost all similar questions and answers were based on Macs, whereas I use Office for Windows.
I view the PDF report with Adobe Acrobat and the DOCX report with Microsoft Word. Hyperlinks (type: LocalAnchor) work in the PDF format but not DOCX. I cannot get any type of hyperlinks to work with the DOCX format.
Why don’t you save the docx (your templatePackage object) and see whether that contains working hyperlinks. Then you’ll know whether your problem is in the XHTML to docx step, or the docx to PDF step, and you can improve your question accordingly.
But most importantly, those hyperlinks will be included when you export the QuarkXPress document to PDF format. However, there’s one BIG requirement: the Word document must have been saved in the “ .docx ” format, rather than the much older “ .doc ” format.
28/05/2012 · Looking at the document you cannot see anything wrong – it is only when you come to convert it to PDF it seems to go crazy outputting the following status at the bottom right of the screen : “Finding Internal Hyperlink targets”.

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