Welcome to PesaLINK, your dollar for dollar money transfer service

We offer the only dollar to dollar transfer systems that allows you to send US dollars to Kenya.

Step 1: Set Up a Profile or Sign In to an Existing Profile
If you are a first-time user, you must
set up a new profile to perform a Transfer. If you are current customer, and want to send money, enter your PesaLink ID and Password.

Step 2: Sign on.

Once signed on,

Step 3: Enter the Receiver Information

Fill in the Receiver's name and the amount. You may also use the message field to send a personal message to the receiver. A Security Test question is required. Money will be available to your receiver usually within minutes.

Step 4 : Choose Payment Method and Enter Payment Information
You can send money and charge it to your Visa Card or MasterCard credit card or Discover and American Express. Select your payment option and enter all the information as requested

Step 5 : Review Transfer Details and Confirm Transactions
If you need to make a change click the Edit button. Once everything is correct click Send Now.

Step 6 : Get a Transfer Confirmation
On your receipt there will be an MTCN Number and other Transfer information. You can communicate the Reference Number to the Receiver to facilitate the transaction. Print this screen and keep it for your records.