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We offer the only dollar to dollar transfer systems that allows you to send US dollars to Kenya.

What People are saying about PesaLink.com

I have to admit I am impressed with the services offered by PesaLink that I have to share my experience with those of you who have not tried this service. I actually sent money to my brother back home and surprisingly, he happened to be right by PesaLink head offices in downtown Nairobi. So I texted him the MTCN number only seconds after sending the money and to my surprise, he walked down the office and got the cash minutes later. Such things I see only in America. But hey, PesaLink does really work.
Thank you PesaLink.
M Ogello,

PesaLink's thrill of sending money securely right from my computer and not having to queue at a financial center to pay exorbitant prices to send funds to Kenya is matchless. The sender/recipient has choice to send/receive money in dollar or KSH. Saves time, a lot of money. PesaLink.com walks the talk. Every effort is put forth to the timeline proposed.
J. Kamau, Anaheim California.

I was introduced to PesaLink.com by a friend from high school. At first I was a little bit skeptical (as is the case any time you deal with Kenyan establishments). I managed to post a transaction and PesaLink kept me in the loop all the way from start to end - from day 1 when I was calling customer service of the hook to the final notice informing me that the cash had been sent. This was easy, painless and smooth.
Bay Area California.

Good Job Pesalink.com. Good customer service, I liked that my boy collected the money in US dollars without any hassles. Keep it up.
J. Okundi,
Twin cities Minneapolis

I am glad now I have an option from Western Union. You have my vote and support but you guys need to advertise more. It’s a service that we really need and I will recommend you guys to all my friends.

C. Onyango,
Dayton Ohio.

Way to go guys. The fact that I did my transaction from Jobo made life very easy. It seemed too good to be true until my sis confirmed she got the money the next morning. Thank you
A. Mwangi,
Phoenix Arizona